Weekend with the “Taggiasca”

From October to February is full of activity. Village life in winter is characterised by the harvesting of the taggiasca olive, the famous cultivar of our valley Our method of collecting is almost unique and only to be found in Liguria where the olive trees defy the steep mountain sides and any possibility of mechanisation, which by luck or chance has been conceded only to us.

Our ancestors have devised monumental Constructions with ideas and efforts more extensive than the pyramids. Stubborn ligurian persistence has permitted them to make a fruitful and hospitable place from their mountain slopes by the construction of terraces (fasce in dialect) where they were able to cultivate olive trees and other plants.

This makes our valley unique. We invite you to enjoy a spectacle that not everyone is aware of, over a stay of 3 days. Here is the programme we have organised for you (a stay of three days and two nights):

— Friday —

At three in the afternoon, after settling into your accommodation and leaving your cases You will be able to have a first contact with the olive oil mill. Introductions made you will be able to taste the freshly pressed olive oil and afterwards , that the olive is not everything we advise you to dine. As to where you can decide for yourself: either in the restaurant subsidised by us, in the village or surrounding area (cost not included in the package).

— Saturday —

Hoping that the first evening was not too heavy we will rouse you at 8.30.

At 9h30 we shall set out for the olive groves. A lovely walk in the country side awaits you and later you will have the opportunity of joining us in the harvesting of the olives: “sbatte” shaking the branches with a long pole in order that the olives fall onto the nets and collected from them, put into boxes to be transported to the mill.

Towards 12h30 there will be a break for lunch, sitting under the olive trees. We will provide ligurian panini on the house, complete with tasty fillings. In the afternoon you will be free and can decide on a stroll in the village, visit Valle Argentina or simply relax with an excellent aperitif.

For supper , as with Friday, the choice is yours (cost not included in the package)

— Sunday —

Even God rested and we will not prevent you from doing so. Set your alarm at whatever time you wish , have breakfast then check-out.

For infos and prices
+39 335 7226309 or info@agriturismoladagio.it.

Price for two people: € 200,00

Price for one person: € 170,00

The price includes: two nights’ stay at the Agriturismo Adagio at Badalucco, packed lunch for two mornings, a guided visit to the olive oil mill >>ROI<<, with tasting of the extra virgin olive oil freshly pressed, packed lunch as Saturday morning.

The price includes only that which is expressly specified in the “inclusive”.