Everything is possible in the gardens of the Agriturismo: wander on to the ancient terraces and discover what is hidden among the olive trees.

Garden of Olives

The kiss, the capture , the 30 denari, ancient history. A true Getsemani, but without betrayal, kisses of love, Taggiasca olives and fresh coolness, a place for refreshment and a meal all the sunny days of the year.


Handcrafted small armchairs, fountains created by artists, chaise-longue and a view to take your breath away of the painted village, this is our solarium. An exclusive space to yourself for an evening aperitif or an afternoon suntan.

Relaxation Barrel

There has always been a strong affinity between Liguria and Piedmont: trading, exchange oil, anchovies and wine. Two different landscapes which complement each other with seas and mountains. It was our intention to take this affinity to our Agriturismo giving you the possibility to spend some peaceful time inside a 50hl barrel used for the ageing of the famous Barolo wine. A true peaceful corner when you can have a glass of wine and listen to music, lulled by the foliage of trees.

Bowling facilities

A meal under olive trees, a good glass of wine, friendly company and why not a peaceful petanque challenge. Sport practised at a slow pace for someone who is not in a hurry, but knows how to enjoy the pleasure of the moment.


A true Summer classic dish. At the entrance of the garden of olives you will find a counter equipped for the preparation , a sink and barbecue. You must feel free to use it as many times as you wish, or to share a moment with the other guests.

Vegetable Garden

From season to season nature provides us with its good, natural, wholesome fruits just a step from your room and luxuriate in the perfumes around you and collect the vegetables straight from the plants.

The Ross' Garden