Among the colours and perfumes of Valle Argentina, in Badalucco, west of Liguria, among twisted olive trees and dry stone walls you still breathe the sea air, but it is a mountainous area, where the hard work of centuries has produced the golden nectar: The olive taggiasca extra virgin olive oil.

It is in this charming context that Rossella Boeri, as a challenge between the woman and the land of her ancestors , started a sustainable and DOP business, using the family land, improving it and amplifying it with the acquisition of adjoining plots of land patiently reclaimed. The family business now cultivates the groves in order to supply the olives to the ROI olive oil mill.

The name Gaaci derives from the Longobard Gahagi which signifies “reserved land”. Its name dates back to the time in which Liguria passed from Byzantine control to that of the Longobards in 643 a.d. under king Rotari. The advantagious position of this land justifies its first cultivation reserved to free men.